February 24, 2013

Tutorial Quick Fix For Laptop's Keyboard Or Monitor Failure


As an unpopular blogger as myself, I usually check my own blog stat. I noticed that almost everyday people come to my blog to find solution for:

1. fixing broken keyboard
2. what to do if laptop's keyboard fail to function properly.

This also shown by my other related tutorial before Tutorial Kalau Keyboard Rosak which is my most popular post after recently beating my recipe post. In Bahasa Malaysia this tutorial will be Tutorial kalau keyboard laptop rosak atau monitor laptop rosak. Thanks to Google, the search eventually end to my site.

Today I like to show my appreciation by writing (and drawing) a tutorial what to do if your laptop's keyboard plus monitor broken. I know you never asked for it but it is an added bonus for you guys my loyal reader. It's always feels good to kill two birds with one stone. Hahaha....

For the most easiest instruction, please refer the diagram below.

tutorial if your laptop's keyboard or monitor broken
please click to enlarge...download it if neccessary...credit to myself

So basically, what to do if your laptop's keyboard or monitor broken???

1. Buy a new USB/wireless keyboard (I prefer wireless one) or monitor. The price will be ranged from RM10 - RM100 for keyboard and RM300 - RM600 for monitor.

If you need a quick fix, I suggest you buy a cheaper one and after you repair the laptop's keyboard or monitor (which is quite pricey, RM200 - RM300 apiece) you can store it as a backup. 

As for myself I bought a wireless keyboard from Rapoo model E2700 as my backup. It's small, slim, sleek, toughly built with stainless steel plate but quite expensive (RM99) and hard to find (only one shop sells it at Seremban). It can also be used as a stylish input type for presentation because it has mouse and keyboard function.
Rapoo Wireless Multi-media Touchpad Keyboard E2700
Rapoo Wireless Multi-media Touchpad Keyboard E2700. credit to Rapoo.com

2. Connect your new keyboard or monitor to your laptop (please read user instruction/manual) and surf like a king.

This tutorial also can be used if you want to use your laptop with desktop feel which can also minimized the risk of broken keyboard or monitor.

For another tutorial related to keyboard please click here --> Windows On-Scren Keyboard Tutorial (in Bahasa Malaysia).


Want to share about your experience with broken keyboard or monitor? Do you have another solution to the problem? Please share with me and the others at comment section. 

Thank you.

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