June 9, 2010

: the idea book by Fredrik Hansen

2 days before I get married, I spent almost 1 hour at Kinokuniya bookstore while waiting for my new phone to be delivered. I’ve picked several titles to kill off some time. One of the book i’ve read is The Idea Book by Fredrik Hansen.idea-book 
Lots of interesting quotes I found in this book. Of course I took some efforts and time to copy some of it into my own quotes list. So, today I want to share 3 of the quotes from the book for our own reminder.

”A thing is not right because you do it.
A method is not good because you used it.
An equipment is not the best because you own it.”
- (John Aldair)

“The only person who likes to change is a wet baby.” – Roy Blitzer.

”Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” – Walter Lippmann

Before I read the book I thought that this book only tells how to get new and fresh idea. Sneaked into it, I noticed that this book focused on how to change the way we think and approach life even though this book is included in 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

Preview of the book can be download at The Idea Book preview@ Google Doc.


  1. owhh,nampak menarik..aku akan dapatkan sebuah lepas ni.Thx for this info.

  2. welcome :-)...good book actually...kalau la tgh xde buku utk dibaca...mmg beli dah...ni tulis pun sbb takut lupa tajuk dia apa...hehe...

  3. Macam best jer bro buku ni..brp hinggit...

  4. RM100 lbh kot...huhu...xhengat la...

  5. simplify ur life apa khabar? hehe

    gotcha!! dah kena tag ngan mekchu psl world cup.. jenguk blog for details..

  6. simplify lum abis lg...sibuk dgn anak2 la...huhu...ok dah buat tag ko tu...