November 30, 2009

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15Malaysia is a short film project. It consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia.

Please enter and make yourself comfortable.

Watch our films. Look at our photographs. Drop us rude comments. Display your own films. Grab cool goodies. Join competitions. Meet our people. Help us spread the word. Download anything you want…

We won’t charge a cent.


417,449 video files downloaded so far.

* Korang macam kagum je baca English aku..huhu..aku copy paste je sebenarnya…hehe…Aku pun baru je tau sebenarnya, so promote la kat korang mana yang belum tau…yang dah tau, senyap2 sudey…

* Ramai pelakon popular yang terlibat…antaranya ialah Nik Aziz, KJ, Nameewee, Adibah Noor, Harith Iskandar dll…Antara preview citer yang ada adalah seperti di bawah.


  1. wah.. tatau plak dah tambah lagi 14 malaysia.. kat mana nak layan films nih?

  2. sila klik gambar tu ye...terus ke

  3. best juga flm pendek tu.. realiti .. ahah.

  4. best sgt...barulah nampak mcm 'negara bebas' kan??? hehehe...